The Barton Rooms

The Barton Rooms Restaurant obtained its name from Mr. Hugh Barton who completed the last wing of the Main House in the 1830s. This adds to the present day unique architectural status of Barberstown Castle. The Barton’s established the famous “Barton and Guestier” French Wine brand and while living in Barberstown Castle they are also famed for constructing Straffan House known today as the K-Club. 


The menu can be described as Country House Dining that blends Irish and French cuisines with plenty of flavour. Chef Bertrand Malabhat changes the menu regularly to be reflective of the season’s best produce and locally sourced where possible in order to craft the perfect dining experience for each of our guests.


Pair your menu with our extensive list of Fine Wines and you have the perfect Dining Experience.


Opening Hours:

Open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for residents and non residents 6pm - 8pm

Bookings in advance are essential