16th Century Banquet Hall

An Exclusive Banqueting Hall Dining & Event Space


Historically Barbertown Castle entertained Lords and ladies and this stunning 16th Century Banquet Hall is no exception. It is a separate building from the main Hotel giving you full exclusivity for your Wedding, Gala Dinner Event or Banquet.


It boasts a unique Arrivals Hall, adorned in Medieval Tapestries to host a ‘Welcome Reception’ before entering through draped curtains and into the fairy lit Banquet room decorated with candelabra’s and traditional hops to give it that special historical feel and atmosphere. 


Menu options range from 3-Course or 4-Course dining, Canapés Reception and options for Plated Buffet or Bespoke menus also provided.


The Banquet Hall has capacity for up to 280 guests with a dedicated coach gate access point from the Clane road offering you a seamless entrance for large group arrivals.


Phone: 01-6288157 or email Info@barberstowncastle.ie