Medieval Banquets

A unique private event

Barberstown Castle are delighted to offer a Medieval Irish Banquet - an unique and private event for your group (minimum of 30 guests) in Historical 1288 Castle Battlement.

For larger gatherings, the Banquets can be hosted in historic private event space.  

 To Preview a 2 minute video clip of our Medieval Banquets:

On entering Barberstown Castle your guests will be served a glass of Irish Mead. Guests are treated to a Medieval Feast, served in a private dining space, after which the performance commences and you will experience the unique history of Ireland and Barberstown Castle, as expressed through storytelling, traditional song and music.

Step back in time and meet the Ghost of Nicholas Barby, who built Barberstown Castle in 1288.  This Ghost will take you through the history of Medieval Ireland and the resulting battle at the Castle, between the native Celtic Uí Faolain tribe and the invading Normans.

On departing the Castle, your guests will have enjoyed excellent food and fine wines and will return home with a better understanding of Irish history and can say they truly have met a Ghost at an Irish Castle…



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