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Shopping At Barberstown Castle

Kildare Village - A Great Day out with Chic outlet shopping.  Save over 60% in over 60 Luxury Outlets.  Located just 25 minutes drive from Barberstown Castle!

Naas Town - A Great Place to Shop with a wide selection of Boutiques and Shops for all you may need or want!

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You can actually shop until you drop in Ireland - rural arts and crafts centers will entice you to spend some money, so will some of the largest and most modern malls in Europe!

Foremost on the list of must-buys for a visitor to Ireland is the Aran knitwear or sweater. Aran sweaters were originally handmade by the wives or mothers of fishermen from the Aran Islands located at the west coast of Ireland since the 9th century. Fishermen wore them as protection against rain and cold weather. What makes the sweater special is that each family had its own trademark stitch. Thus, when a fisherman died at sea, it would be easier to identify him. Today, Aran sweaters are known worldwide for their unique designs and quality. In fact, Aran sweaters designed by contemporary knitwear designers Lainey Keogh and Michelina Stakepoole had been donned by supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. A handmade Aran sweater is well worth one’s Euros and will last for years.

Another must-have on the shopping list of any visitor to Ireland is the Irish crystal. Famous for their impeccable quality and one-of-a-kind style, Waterford Crystals have been used as awards and trophies in world sporting events and ceremonies.

Who has not heard of Baileys, the Irish cream liqueur? It is one of the best. Irish cream liqueurs are popular the world over. All Irish cream liqueurs use milk from Irish cows that have been graced outdoors on grass.

A trip to Ireland will not be complete without bringing home some of Ireland’s yummy cheeses like Milleen and Doolin. Handmade chocolates, Irish smoked salmon, biscuits and homemade jams are truly epicurean delights.

Stay in Barberstown Castle the perfect acccommodation for when you go shopping in Kildare!

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