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History of the Owners At Barberstown Castle


Distinguished and influential owners of Barberstown Castle include:

  • Nicholas Barby built the Castle towards the end of the 13th Century on the land which was originally owned by the Great Norman family the Fitzgeralds.
  • 1630 William Sutton of one of the most important families in the area owned the property. The population of Barberstown at the time was 36!
  • 1689 Lord Kingston had his ownership confiscated by Earl of Tyrconnell after the accession to power of James 11 of England. It was around this time that it fell into the less glamorous hands of the Commissioners of the Revenue who let it out to a Roger Kelly for £102 annual rent in the late 1600s.
  • It was purchased by Bartholomew Van Homreigh in 1703 for £1,033 the sixth owner in six years. At the time the property was 335 acres. Van Homreigh had been mayor of Dublin in 1697 and his greatest ‘claim to fame' lies in the fact that he was the father of Vanessa of whom Dean Swift wrote so passionately about.
  • He sold it to the Henrys who were prone to excessive spending and were left with no option but to sell it to Mr. Hugh Barton of the Famous Wine family Barton and Guestier who completed the last wing of the house in the 1830s which added to the present day unique architectural status of Barberstown. He is also famed for constructing Straffan House known today at the K-Club.
  • As the property became too expensive to retain as a residence, the Huddlestons who owned Barberstown Castle in the 1900s sold it to Mrs. Norah Devlin who converted it into a hotel in 1971.
  • Eric Clapton purchased the property in 1979 and, sold it to the current owner in 1987.
  • Proprietor Ken. Healy who lives on the property has renovated it from a 10 bedroom guesthouse with three bathrooms to a 59 bedroom Failte Ireland approved 4 Star Hotel and a member of Ireland's Blue Book of Country House Hotels & Restaurants.
  • Ken maintains the tradition of generous hospitality to all who enter this luxurious and historic 13th Century Castle.

Look out for the names of all the owners of Barberstown Castle painted on the bedrooms doors of the hotel!

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